Short but Sweet

Our null adventure has hit a roadblock, but are we sad? NO! Fuck NO! To give you a bit of background, we took a couple of systems in Scalding Pass using the new Aegis Sovereignty System (a.k.a fozziesov), which makes it easier (somewhat) for any alliance large or small to attack/claim regions of null security space. Continue reading

Vi’ana Joins Stay Frosty. [ST-FR]

Well I’ve gone an done it. After years of skill training I think its time for me to use those skill points and become a PIRATE. Yep, I’m going to be the scum of New Eden and intend revilling in the wins, losses and total failures. Sure I’ve had PvP experience before, but there is nothing like commiting to a role in EvE and playing it out to its max. Continue reading