Vi’ana Joins Stay Frosty. [ST-FR]

Well I’ve gone an done it. After years of skill training I think its time for me to use those skill points and become a PIRATE. Yep, I’m going to be the scum of New Eden and intend revilling in the wins, losses and total failures. Sure I’ve had PvP experience before, but there is nothing like commiting to a role in EvE and playing it out to its max.

Stay Frosty.

To that end I’ve joined the awesome boys and girls over at Stay Frosty.! Yes, it’s Rixx Javix’s crew, so no pressure there then (fuck). How hard can it be? Kill anything that flys and is’nt blue! The learning curve will be a bitch and yes I’ll have to therory crafting ships again, but that’s the fun part too.

I think at this point I need to set some goals. Some will be easy, whilst others will require a modicum of meta play. Trying not to be too abitious:

  • Become -10 (should be easy enough)
  • Get a serious amount of bounty on my head (I’m sure my victims will oblige)
  • Become infamous (thats gunna take a lot of work)

So, this brings me to the reason for this website. I’ve been know to wax lyrical in the past so what better place to document my adventures (good and bad) than here on this shiny new website. I’ll be including After Action Reports (AAR), stories from my travels and experiences as well as fucked up things that may happen along the way. With a large dose of wonderful EvE Online screenshots, a smattering on videos (again, the good and the bad) and maybe even some Twitch streaming for the balls out laugh out loud moments.

I need to get my shit togther a bit before heading out for the hunt, but be sure to follow me for updates to this site and your chance to comment.

At this point I’d usualy say Fly Safe, but I think that would be hypocritical.


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