Another New Home

J2-PZ6 Station

J2-PZ6 Station

So after moving all my crap to our low-sec home I felt a sense of acomplishment. I was “home”, I could now get down to the serious Internet Spaceship stuff! Hold on, what’s that? We have a null-sec station now? WTF!

Hold on, hold on, I’m not moving my crap anymore, I’ll go old school and buy what I need down there and wing it! A certain song comes to mind, “Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile”….

I’m off, a lone ceptor heading to my new (new) home! It’s only 22 jumps, through low and null security space, should take me no time at all.

The trip to our new station was uneventful, I didn’t even sightsee, a few reds in local on the way; I see we have our standings set! A few blues greeting me on the way was a nice touch, making me feel like I was going home!

Landed in the system and headed for the station for a quick image of our new home! Dad Lost The Keys! Oh yeah.

Docked up and set clone, time to get comfy in my new quarters and prepare for the PvP fun we will be having down here in Scalding Pass. No more moving my shit around thats for sure, I’ll fire sale if all this goes to shit.


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  1. Love (and a bit jealous) the website! Looking forward to flying with you and living in Null!

    – Mal

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