Short but Sweet

ABA Scalding Pass

ABA Scalding Pass

Our null adventure has hit a roadblock, but are we sad? NO! Fuck NO! To give you a bit of background, we took a couple of systems in Scalding Pass using the new Aegis Sovereignty System (a.k.a fozziesov), which makes it easier (somewhat) for any alliance large or small to attack/claim regions of null security space.

We used this chance to branch out of low-sec and embark on our null experiment and with a bit of diplomacy we gained blue status with a local alliance Feign Disorder, FEIGN. The kicker was they had allies (Gone Berzerk, BZK) that would not set us blue and had eyes on taking our new found sovereignty! This is what we signed up for, sort of, some null sec fights and the chance to make some ISK down in glorious null space. The issue for us was we had long logistics lines and few members living in our new home.

We couldn’t take the fight to BZK becuase they were hold up in FEIGN’s station, cowards. We couldn’t repay their sovereignty attacks with our own as we would be attacking our blue allies. What a bag of shit! We know it’s a harsh life in New Eden, but for fuck sake, we were fighting a losing battle on that score.

We just weren’t ready for this, we didn’t have time to get our ships down there nor setup a decent logistics route. The forces we were up against were nothing to write home about, a fail Zealot and Dominix were giggle worthy kills by our skilled pilots. Their local trash talk was the usual tripe of links to GIF’s and poorly constructed sentences, so it seemed appropriate to read them a bed time story:

Vi’ana > need a bed time story?
Vi’ana > once upon a time there was a corp, they had 48 members and poor KB stats
Vi’ana > they were bold and brave and thought #fozziesov was their chance for glory
Vi’ana > little did they know that #ABAForever was a devious and wicked foe
Vi’ana > #ABAForever were too looking for #fozziesov fun
Vi’ana > but the true difference was, #ABAForever had so many bitter vets that it did not matter
Vi’ana > getting sleepy yet?
CaNy0uSaS > yepp
CaNy0uSaS > yaaaawn
Vi’ana > rest little one, I will continue with my bed time story
Vi’ana > #B.Z.K thought they were safe in there little world of null
Vi’ana > lashing out at what they percieved as threats in the vain hope to look l33t
Balton Wait > tldr… sry…
Vi’ana > they sent their pitiful forces to claim what they could in hope to make their mark in a harsh land of new eden
Vi’ana > some lost their fail fit zealots (lol), other said NO, we can win the station
Vi’ana > but t’was all in vain for #fozziesov said NO, the owners shall have timers
Vi’ana > and all your entosis is for naught
Vi’ana > rejoice shouted the members #ABAForever
Vi’ana > we shall have our services and will not be without the NES for our skins
Vi’ana > and all was well untill the next day when the dastardly BZK came back to entosis and so the story continued
Vi’ana > night night little ones

Sure, it was a bit adhoc, I was drinking a fine red wine at the time, but no matter. There was no response from our agressors, I must have put them to sleep. Eventually though they did reinforce our system, so now we are choosing our options and planning the next move. What will that be you ask? Well that would be telling wouldn’t it and I don’t leak intel!

See you soon BZK.