Journey To A New Home



I hate moving crap around New Eden! I mean, you either do it in short hauls in something nimble or take the plung and stick everything in a frieghter and take the risk of ganks. I chose the latter! Yeah, yeah I know!

Getting out of Matar space into Gallente space was easy, in fact I felt rather safe down there and have been for at least 3 years! Once on the Gallente/Caldari border things got hot. I had 32 jumps from my old home in Matar space to my new home all the way north to Caldari space.

As expected Goons were on practically every gate for the last 10 jumps, scanning the shit out of me at every gate. I had about a 500m isk of crap that I could probably have organised and reduced to about 100m to haul. I did shrinkwrap it of course, but I think that is even more of an invite to gank, just for the sake of it.

If you’re new to EvE, the Obelisk is a capital frieghter, its slow and aligns about as quick as a pot smoking old age pensioner with arthritis! The plus side, it can carry shit tonnes of cargo. I had it hull tanked, cuz, why not.

After each jump the number of reds in local was getting me sweaty, entering Kamio confirmed I was being stalked. Rather ironic, since I was hauling a tonne of crap to start my new life as a pirate. Would be amusing to lose all this to a gank before I’d even become one! A small frigate burned towards me and bumped me, here we go.

I was obviously aligning to the next gate, but now I was bumped off my alignment and was essentially a beached whale trying to get back on course. Another bump, this time from the oposite vector, yay, thanks for that Mr Ganker, you just helped me align to a station!

Fuck this for a game of <insert reference>, I’m docking this piece of shit ship and calling it a day. There was no banter in local chat, and I didn’t iniate any either, no use provoking anyone; I’d still have to get this ship to my new home at some point.

This was a good time to wax lyrical in corp chat and lament at how long its been since I lived this for north. I’ve missed Caldari space, it can be full of shit heads, but I have missed the old systems and regions I used to call home when I first started EvE.

After a few hours of corp chat, local looked empty. I bought a shuttle and scouted the rest of the route (8 jumps), pretty clear. Fuck it, I want this move over and done with. Back to the Obelisk and off we go. The last seven jumps were uneventful (yay), get scanned on the last gate before my new home, fuck off… I’m going for it, jumps…. Yay! local is empty! Dock up, I hate frieghters.

I bet you thought there would be a loss mail in this post! Fuck you.